“Who Can Take Tomorrow…”

“And dip it in a dream? Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream…”

Their motto should be “See’s Famous Old Timer Candies”

I knew it! I just knew it– the secret to a long life based on my non-scientific study of my dad and proven by Israel Kristal. Not only is he truly one of a kind and simply amazing for being 112 years old and 181 days today, the oldest man in the world and a holocaust survivor, but if you read this article you will learn what his longevity secret is (even though he claims he doesn’t know the secret).

Are you ready–in case you don’t want to read the article?

Israel Kristal owned a confectionary shop.

In other words, CANDY! Yes, happier people now that you’re reading these words, the secret is CANDY.

I can testify to this because my dad eats a Hershey’s candy bar every day after his late morning breakfast of 3 eggs and a ½ piece of bacon. And if we’ve run out of Hershey’s, he eats See’s, or Snickers, or M&M’s, or maybe even licorice or amazingly delicious dark chocolate sea-salt toffee from Trader Joe’s.  Speaking of Hershey’s 

Candy is sweet. Candy makes you happy. And apparently eating candy helps you live longer. OR…. not stressing about eating candy helps you live longer. Put another way, not stressing about food or exercise or family problems or politics or the imminent demise of the universe helps you live longer.

And if you can’t eat candy or your body rejects sugar, then here’s an alternative secret. Take a job that makes the world a sweeter place.

“The candy man, Oh the candy man can.

The candy man can cause he mixes it with love

And makes the world taste good.”


2 thoughts on ““Who Can Take Tomorrow…”

  1. What a great secret for longevity you have uncovered, based on your sample size of one! “Don’t fret, and eat something sweet.” So now, every time I get the urge to turn on Fox News Channel, I’ll resist with a Dove Dark Chocolate bar.


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