Life’s Little Ironies

These two clippings were on the same page of the LA Times on Thursday.

So fascinated by the “mostly elderly gang” who pulled off the biggest heist in London’s history, I went to CNN to learn more about these senior citizens. Boy oh boy, did they know how to celebrate Senior Day. These guys, hardened and experienced criminals, ages 76, 75, 67, 60, 60, 58, and 48, were a “close-knit group” according to this report. One red-headed guy known as “Basil” is still on the lam and although 1/3 of the stolen items have been recovered another $14 million worth of valuables is still missing. No leaping down the stairs, two at a time, during the getaway. They took the elevator.

I am not in any way supporting theft and malicious activity in my elder advocacy. But I sure can’t wait to see the movie.

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