M&Ms Turns 75

and I Advocate the Joy this ol’ timer brings!


USA Today’s article spotlighting the history of M&Ms and the new plans they have for a staple in my life is worth the read and a viewing of the video.  Did you know:

  1. M&Ms were created for our serviceman during WW2 in 1941?
  2. They were designed to be hard on the outside so they wouldn’t melt while shipping overseas?
  3. They were sold to the public in 1947 because the returning warriors still wanted the candy?
  4. It takes 4-8 hours to complete the candy-making process?
  5. They produce over $1 Billion in sales annually?
  6. They were named after the two collaborators, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the sons of Mars and Hershey executives.

To me M&Ms means Mindless Munching that brings instant stress relief. I LOVE them!

From my friends I have learned:

  1. If you stop eating M&Ms you can lose 7 lbs in one year.
  2. If your teenagers are driving you nuts you can take down a large bag while on one cellphone call with them.
  3. They are perfect to bring on an airplane when you don’t want lousy cookies, chips, or pretzels.
  4. When served in a bowl at a party they are one of the first things to go.
  5. No book club discussion is complete without them, often being more important than the book.

Happy Diamond Anniversary M&Ms!



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