Body of All Possible Knowledge pt 3

And so we come to part 3 of the pie chartidon'tknow chart

See that big ‘ol yellow Pac-Man wannabe, seemingly chomping away at any awareness I may have had of what I did or did not know when it came to Alzheimer’s or Lewy Bodies Dementia? That pretty much sums up what it felt like when I became the full-time caregiver of my mother who had LBD. The little bit of understanding I gained from hands on experience or talking with professionals or reading all I could was easily swallowed up by what I didn’t realize I didn’t know. It also applied to the medical folks and what I hoped they knew but they did not. It’s the part of the caregiving experience where all the mistakes come into play. It’s the part of the experience where God’s grace takes over or,  more accurately, where I gave up my illusion of control and acknowledged God’s hand in all things.

I remember when I first became a realtor 32 years ago. It seemed like no matter what was on the written page, how many realtors the world had already licensed, how many seminars I might attend, I still pretty much had to reinvent the wheel. That’s also what my experience with caring for my mom was like.

So to summarize even just 1 thing of the “things you don’t realize you don’t know”:

  1. _____?_____?_____?_____?_____….

But hang on! I did learn and will, in time, share a few things which may be helpful if you, too, are on this path. I would put them into that tiny little green sliver.




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