“My mind is a blank, an absolute blank”


It’s 10 p.m.

Early for this household. But I’m a little grouchy and sleep-deprived from staying up late too many nights and getting up too many times in the middle of the night to attend to my dad and his TV habits. And my mouth hurts from 2 hours in the dental chair. So I just went into Pops, gave him his Advil PM and suggested he consider turning off the TV around 11 and trying to get some sleep. He said, “But I want to stay up and see Hogan’s Heroes.”

Although I record this on the DVR for Dad periodically, I rationally presented, “Dad, the world won’t come to an end if you don’t see Hogan’s Heroes tonight.”

His response, “For me, it will!”

I’ve had to complete a death certificate before. Can you imagine me filling out Dad’s cause of death “Hogan’s Heroes deprivation”?

Maybe I should make this my profile picture on Facebook because I’m sure I look like this to Dad.

coronel klink

4 thoughts on ““My mind is a blank, an absolute blank”

  1. Hang in there Joyce! Keep seeing the humor in all of it, too. I go through the same thing with two old DOGS in our bed along with an old dude as well. 🙂


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