You Know We’re Both Crazy!

I Know.

Determined to help Dad achieve the “World Record of Oldest Descendant of Any Previous Known Ancestor” (WRODAPKA) I had to fine tune my knowledge of my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Howe Bullard Hyde. Taking to I reconfirmed that she lived from Oct 2, 1813 to November 24, 1914 and died at 3p.m. (MST) due to bronchial pneumonia—101 years and 53 days on this earth.

elizabeth hyde

I love this great-great-grandmother very much. I love her fancy hair and her fancy dress and that she was brave and adventurous and completely dedicated to the new religion she discovered while a young girl called “Mormonism”. She was her husband, William Hyde’s, first wife. He went on to have 4 more. Their youngest daughter, Mary  Lucretia Hyde  married my great-grandfather, John Anthony Woolf II, and helped with the founding of Cardston, Alberta, Canada. Mary Lucretia also hand sewed the baby blessing gown that my dad, my sisters and brothers and I, and almost all of our children and grandchildren have been blessed in as we received a name and a father’s blessing to be known upon the records of the church.

So I calculated the date and time Dad would overcome the previous record holder, Dear Grandmother Hyde, and take his place as the newest oldest person of all he was related to that had gone before, particularly as a direct descendant of so many great and valiant people.

FullSizeRenderYou can see I had to shoot the calendar from my computer screen. Please join us in the countdown of the next 39 days. When Dad hits Wednesday, March 16th at 4PM we will blow whistles, bang pots and pans, throw confetti, and light sparklers!!! Lots of ukelele strumming, singing, dancing, and some really big fat chocolate malts!

I presented this to Dad about an hour ago, knowing full well he’d still be up watching TV. “Dad, here’s your calendar for the Woolf Countdown – only 39 days! We’ll check off each night as you get closer to the world record.” “I can do that!” he stated with conviction. “I know,” I said, “but for now you probably ought to go to sleep. And I ought to, also.” I started to walk out of the room.

“You know we’re  both crazy,” Dad said, “it’s 10 minutes to one o’clock.” Me: “I know! You watching old TV sitcoms, me making calendars off of genealogy sites. It keeps us young! Besides when you live a long life you get to ride in parades and set world records. There’s always an adventure somewhere. You just gotta look for it or make it up. Good Night!”

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