Senior Selfies? Don’t Let Tech Pass You By

 Can you spot the problem in this photo?

IMG_3341 (1)

I saw this ad in my dad’s “Military Officer” magazine for a place called Patriots Colony, a LifeCare community exclusively for retired military officers and retired federal civil employees and their spouses.  I found the photo manipulative in the implication that you can be young and hip here because you take “selfies” and/or, for that matter, you hang out with other people who know what a “selfie” is. Except the fellow taking the picture doesn’t have his finger located near the camera button. And I don’t believe for a minute they’re  just supposed to be looking at a video.

However, staying on top of, abreast, or even just a bit behind today’s technology is a courageous undertaking for many early baby boomers and their parents from the greatest generation. It seems impossible to imagine a world without Google, email, smart phones,  texting and everything in between and beyond. We have an entire emerging generation that has no context of a life without games on ipads or tablets. Keeping up with the ever-changing and daily rushing army of technology advancements for those not born with digital thumbs can be a huge challenge. I have several friends who are still intimidated by texting and are unable to make their own airplane reservations online. They rely on their children or grandchildren to help them out. And these are women in their 60’s.

When I showed my dad the videos of his 101st birthday party made by both my niece and nephew from their iphones he said, “When I die you’ll have these to remember me by. When my dad died, we didn’t have computers or anything like this.” In truth, there were computers the size of bedrooms and 8 mm movie cameras in 1963, but my folks didn’t own any. Here’s a picture of my dad’s Dad (Dr. Woolf) in Canada, 1925, sitting on the step of his Willys-Knight. Yes, I’d say things have changed.


If you happen to be one of those Seniors who feels intimidated by all the changes rushing by you I’m here to encourage you to jump on board the bullet train. Take a class, read, practice, study, learn, ask anyone to help you master whatever you can. You’ll probably never catch up to your grandkids but you’ll know where to place your finger for your selfie.

This video was forwarded to me yesterday. It was directed, filmed and produced by my granddaughter, Annie, age 11, during Thanksgiving with some of her cousins and a sister and brother or two. How do they know how to do this stuff?


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