101 Years of Fun

That’s the age of Pearl’s son, Get a load of Anthony tonight!

I’m thinking ’bout why he’s not shy. Some might whisper, “My, Oh my!” Anthony is 101 tonight!

Good ol’ Dad’s 101st birthday gave us another excuse to have a party. (Thanks to Madison Potter for the video and Rod Stewart and Queen Latifa.) With a South Pacific theme to commemorate his time in World War II’s Pacific Theatre, we were favored with hula and Samoan dancing, authentic Samoan food, fresh pineapple, mangos, papaya, and Filipino BBQ. We sang, Dad sang, everyone sang–old songs and new. My brother-in-law, Jay Munns, as always, is the world’s best accompanist, my sister, Marlene, and I strummed our new ukes with our newly calloused fingertips, and my brother, Fred, added his grand guitar picking. Those guests who couldn’t make it RSVP’d with “sorry, can’t make it but looking forward to next year”. What optimists we are!

His skin is smooth, not wrinkled;

His clear blue eyes are twinkled.

He’s our pap–what a chap!

We’re all tickled pinkled!

Here’s to him, he’s not dim.

All these years, yet on a whim

We’d say that it’s true as true

That this guy may soon be 102 next year.

Ain’t being funny.

He’s a Dad that taught us well and when we’re broke

He gives us money!

Tony, no baloney– cuz you’re… 101!

In case you didn’t get enough of all this hoopla, here’s another video from my nephew, Jeremy Munns.


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