The Taxman Cometh


The countdown is on…to Dad’s 101st birthday.

So what does a man who is 5 days shy of 101 dream about? Blue skies ahead? Strumming harps? Billowy clouds? Let me tell you about Dad’s dream this morning. He apparently was in a very deep sleep because although I touched his leg twice he didn’t stir. I finally shook his shoulder a little bit. He looked at me startled and then said, “I was having a weird dream.” Ok, that’s not unusual, as he often tells me about his dreams. They’re usually pretty good like making a hole in one, or winning the lottery or being the CEO of a company.

This dream, however, is for all of you CPA’s out there. I was so fascinated by it I actually got a paper and pencil and wrote it down verbatim:

“I was dreaming about an accounting problem. This corporation had bought new uniforms in December that would only last for 5 years. I was wrestling with whether or not I should write off all of it in December or spread it out with 1/5th in December and the remaining 4/5ths over the next 4 years. Of course, in real life it would all be in December unless it was machinery.”

Most of my dreams are nightmares; usually I’m being chased by someone and need to either hide, escape, or defend. But, if I had a dream like Dad’s, that would be the biggest nightmare of all. He, on the other hand, was still sort of musing about it over his usual bacon and 3 eggs. I have no words.

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