DLB + LBD= Alphabet Soup


from Family Caregiver Alliance


Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) is a progressive degenerative disease or syndrome of the brain. It shares symptoms,and sometimes overlaps, with several diseases, especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

People who develop DLB have behavioral and memory symptoms of dementia like those of Alzheimer’s Disease and, to varying extents, the physical, motor system symptoms seen in Parkinson’s Disease. However, the mental symptoms of a person with DLB might fluctuate frequently, motor symptoms are milder than for Parkinson’s, and DLB patients usually have vivid visual hallucinations.

As I look back on Mom’s disease I’ve tried to place my own markers as to when we first noticed the symptoms. I’ve read that the disease usually progresses towards death in about 5-7 years. But I’ve also read it can range from 2-20 years. Mom died when she was 88 and I personally think there were small warning signs starting when she was around 64 years old. But you can’t really call them warning signs. Usually a warning sign tells you what to watch out for so you can avoid some disaster and make a course correction. With DLB you’re on the snow covered pathway to an unstoppable avalanche!

This sign doesn’t work.


This sign is more like it.


Here’s the good news — it doesn’t happen overnight and there are days filled with sun along the way.


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