Sleep Like the Dead

c4-45-521x415-desktopMy dad’s pretty sharp but I didn’t know he was into bait and switch.

With his birthday rapidly approaching, he is beginning his annual “I know what I want for my birthday” conversation. Tonight when I asked him “what?” he told me a Sleep Number mattress. In truth we have this conversation about every 2 weeks. And every 2 weeks I tell him that I don’t think investing in a $2000 mattress at his age is a good use of his money. He is easily seduced by tv ads that convince him something is the best and that he needs it, like the best hearing aid, the best watch, etc. Later, unable to sleep myself, I googled “sleep number mattress review” and was directed to Weird enough? I already worry every morning when I check on Pops if he’ll be breathing.

This website had an extensive report card for various Sleep Number models. But overall it only got an A- for sleeping on your back (which dad does) and longevity (which seems irrelevant). Everything else was graded below that including some D’s.  Now I have good reasoning for denying Dad’s request, although I didn’t at the time, other than I told him I didn’t think he could afford it. Dad looked disappointed and then asked, “Can I afford a pedicure?”

3 thoughts on “Sleep Like the Dead

  1. Joyce..I’m sure you don’t remember me, and I’m not social media-inclined. but I got a Facebook email from John and it led me to your postings. First…I have to tell you how BEAUTIFUL Olea looks in that picture. (You too!) Her eyes shining so brightly..and that smile. Even typing this I’m tearing up. Some of my sweet memories of your family are jumping on your trampoline at lunchtime with Beth Parker (Barrus); sitting behind Fred in Algebra class; John asking me to dance at one of my first dances as I was returning to activity in the church….and your mom at Girls’ Camp! I got a kick of your Then and Now posts…and I do remember where I was when I heard the news of both JFK and Elvis! Thanks for letting me peek into the Now of the Woolf family! Many fond feelings toward you all. Love, Nese (Anderson) Capron.


    1. Nese, of course I remember you! You had an unforgettable smile yourself and always had a light in your eye. I even remember that Dad was your home teacher and he usually arrived unannounced. The picture of Mom was taken at a wedding (not mine) in our home in 2011. Sadly, Mom passed away 1 1/2 yrs later, which at some point I will be writing about. Mom had great love for you, a very tender place in her heart for Nese. Oh the stories our trampoline could tell if it could talk. XOX and thanks for checking in. Follow my blog for more adventures of elderadvocatejoy.


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