Is There a Doctor in the House?


September 5, 2010 – The first night – from sister Sandy’s journal entry

“We actually had a good drive to Laguna Niguel. Mom was very peaceful and didn’t seem to be in much pain. Mar and I drove dad’s car. Mom and Dad sat in back most of the trip and Marlene and I chatted in the front. Towards the end I moved to the back to sit with Mom so Dad could come up front and get a break. Mom seemed to enjoy the view and the drive and didn’t get restless until the very end when she said she was ready to go home….Joyce had a very nice dinner waiting for us and John had gotten much of their furniture set up….Well, we thought everything might be OK even though Mom was restless and getting up a lot to go to the bathroom but about 2:00 a.m. she went into a fit and for 2 hours thought we were all trying to kill her, questioned what had we done to her arm (she broke it 2 days before she arrived) and where was she, etc….”

Here’s where the learning curve really begins and let’s just say that if this curve was a 5 mile high mountain, we started the climb at sea level.

As Mom kept getting up, roaming around lopsidedly because of her broken arm and lack of balance and convinced that she had been kidnapped, she demanded we get the police. Unable to calm her down John walked out of the dining room where she was circling and came back in the room. We told Mom that we’d brought the police.

Mom: “You’re the police? You need to get me out of here. These people have kidnapped me!”

John: “Olea, you’re OK, these are your children, not kidnappers.” Mom looked panicked and confused. She considered his response and then concluded the policeman was worthless.

Mom: “Get me a doctor! I want a doctor!”

Marlene, Sandy and I looked at John. John looked at Mom. He walked out of the room and up the stairs. He then came back down the stairs and said, “Olea, I’m the doctor!”

Mom looked at John suspiciously. “You’re the doctor?” she questioned. “Yes, I’m the doctor” John responded.

Mom: “What’s your name?”

John paused but then quickly replied, “Dr. Strangelove!”

Apparently the name was familiar to her. She calmed down along with the assistance of a sleeping pill that the doctor recommended. Little did I know that the bomb of Lewy-Bodies had just exploded.




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