Say Hello to My Little Friend

IMG_3196What a great birthday I had yesterday with so many generous and thoughtful well-wishes and gifts. Thank You!

One of my favorite presents was from me–this sweet shiny red ukulele. I played around with an old funky brown one about 45 years ago when I took a music class at BYU for elementary education majors. After I got the bright idea to start entertaining myself again, Amazon “comments” directed me to this Makala beaut. Check out that cute little dolphin holding the strings. As I cut the tape on the box delivered to my porch, the deep brown eyes of my Samoan friend, Leata, (who helps with my dad) opened up wide. We immediately spent the next hour relearning some chords and as soon as I stop typing this, I’ve been instructed to order one for her, too.

There’s an “old geezer” on YouTube named Raggy Ragsdale who’s going to teach us all we need to know. We both liked him immediately. And then we’re taking the show on the road, or at least to the family room, to show off for Dad. We’ll  be the ones strumming and singing and dancing to Tiny Bubbles. We got it going on over here!

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