1-6-16Once a year I celebrate my birthday!

But this year it’s extra cool because today on 1-6-16 I turn 66 (technically not until 11:53pm PST but who’s counting?) which is almost as exciting as when I turned 16 on 1-6-66. Recognizing that one day isn’t nearly long enough to do everything I want to indulge in I usually start a day before; yesterday was no exception.

I spent the beginning of El Nino here in CA in a double matinee watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Creed. First my review: I liked Creed better. And, I have an overwhelming desire to wear bell bottoms and run up lots of stairs. But what I really liked the most was my brain flashing back while in both movies to 1976 and 1977 and vivid memories of what I was thinking and doing and worrying and dreaming about when Rocky and Star Wars first hit the scene. Like when Kennedy and Elvis died, I can tell you where I was when I first saw the originals of both. If you’re somewhere around my age you probably can, also.

However, recognizing that by some people’s perspective, that was a long long time ago in a distant galaxy (people, for instance, like some contestants on American Idol who say they’ve been watching the show their whole lives…say what?) and also to counteract the weirdness of seeing time fly past my eyes when Han Solo and Rocky are now in their 70’s and I’ve just passed over to the other side of 65, I have assembled three “how we were then and how we are now” collages. And may I point out that my two kiddos in the final picture are now 39 and 41. I sort of wanted to throw that in so that they can feel old, too.




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